Dr. Med Christine Schrammek

Dr. Med Christine Schrammek Hydrating Facial Bundle


Product Type: Bundle

Product Description: Hydra Maximum Mask - Gentle cooling facial mask for a sense of well-being. Dehydrated skin is intensively moisturized and refreshed. Valuable oil from the Crambe Abyssinica seed helps to strengthen the skin barrier. The skin feels supple, appears fresh, smooth and delicate.

HyaluronHY Performance Serum - Moisture and vitality boosting serum with a multiple hyaluronic effect. Helps to retain moisture and to maintain vital skin. HYALURON HY+ PERFORMANCE SERUM leads to an improved elasticity and a reduction of wrinkles. Deeply hydrates the skin. Wrinkles appear replenished, the skin firm and full. For smooth and youthful-looking skin.

Hydra Maximum Day Cream - The supple cream contains a maximum of moisturizing factors. These help to store moisture and protect thanks to valuable natural oils. The integrated MoistureLab Technology provides moisture layer by layer from the deep epidermis to the skin's surface. The moisturizing effect provides the skin with a beautiful looking complexion.

Hydra Maximum Night Cream - The rich cream provides the skin with intensive moisture overnight. The unique MoistureLab Technology pampers the skin while simultaneously moisturizing it. Dry wrinkles and feelings of tautness appear reduced. The skin is again silky smooth, appears fresh and full.

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