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Product Type: Bundle

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Product Description: TIME CONTROL Day Cream - Premium moisturizer for improving skin texture and restructuring skin.

The combination of active ingredients, including Matrixyl 3000, milk thistle oil and vitamin B3, among others, sustainably protects the skin from environmental influences and nourishes it with moisture and regenerative nutrients. Peptides (matrikines) helps to promote renewal of the extracellular matrix and tissue. Nourishing nutri-oil makes skin supple. Wrinkles are reduced as collagen synthesis is activated. Skin is smoother, more even and finer.

TIME CONTROL Night Cream - With carnosine and vitamin A. In combination with Matrixyl 3000 and milk thistle oil, the ingredients activate the performance of cells and speed up the process of cell regeneration. Skin connective tissue becomes supported, collagen fibers remain smooth. Skin recovers overnight and is strengthened, leaving the appearance of wrinkles visibly smoother. Nutri-oil returns skin its suppleness.

TIME CONTROL Eye Cream - Smoothing eye zone care. Contains aquapront, a natural ingredient made of hyaluronic acids and barley. Eye zone looks stronger and restructured. Clearly visible lines and wrinkles are reduced. Circles under eyes look reduced, pores refined. The eye area becomes noticeably more firm and smooth through the combined ingredients of Matrixyl 3000 and milk thistle oil.

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