Dr. Med Christine Schrammek

Dr. Med Christine Schrammek Total Time Control Set


Product Type: Bundle

Product Description: Soft Foam Cleanser - Mild cleansing foam for every skin type

Super Rich Tonic - Mild, emollient tonic for refreshing the skin. Optimum final skin care product for activating the skin. This emollient tonic with its combination of natural extracts (liquorice root extract, marigold, aloe vera) and allantoin and panthenol refreshes, rejuvenates and increases the moisture content of the skin.

TIME CONTROL Serum - Luxurious elixir Ð intensive care For damaged skin. Without mineral oil, parabens or dyes.

TIME CONTROL Day Cream - Premium anti-aging moisturizer for improving skin texture and restructuring skin.

TIME CONTROL Eye Cream - Smoothing eye zone care.

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