Sothys Detox Energie Collection

$340 $400

Product Type: Bundle

Product Description: Instant Energizing corrector - This corrector blurs visible wrinkles and imperfections. It adapts to skin tones of all types, and can be used to unify a makeup base before applying foundation. Alternatively, it can be used alone to brighten the complexion.

Protective Depolluting Essence - Exposure to pollution damages skin over time, accelerating visible aging. This essence provides a shield against those effects. It first keeps pollution particles from latching onto skin with marshmallow extract. Then, antioxidants from elderberry minimize any potential damage.

Energizing Serum - This serum from Sothys both defends and detoxes skin. It uses peptides to detox, and provides antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that can otherwise damage skin. Additionally, the serum brightens and rejuvenates by using glycolic acid to stimulate the natural renewal process.

Depolluting Youth Cream - Pollution damages the skin's microbiome, weakening the protective barrier. This cream counteracts that damage with ingredients to both detoxify and protect. That way, skin is able to better retain its youthful appearance. Additionally, the detox cream enhances radiance by renewing it with glycolic acid.

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